Animal welfare is not just about animals. It is about us. Our living conditions, our children, our earth. Cruelty to animals has a significant and irreversible impact on human health, economy and environment.

Helping Hands for Animals also known as HHFA has been established on 11th May 2015, under "The Indian Trust Act, 1882".

HHFA aims to help animals and educate humans, nation-wide about the nature and behavior of each creature companion (with whom we have been living for thousands of years and have to live for forever) and how to react or respond to their actions.

We work on:

                      (a) Educational Seminars

                      (b) Educational Camps

                      (c) Educational Tours

                      (d) Vaccination and

                      (e) Sterlization Programs.

Our Objective is to make people realize that:

a) Animals do not require human permission to live on earth. Animals came long before we arrived.

b) The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals.

c) Animals can't speak for themselves, we are their voice.

Meet The Team

Jaishree Bansal

Founder & Engineer

Working as an assistant manager in a PSU, she has been working for the welfare of animals situated in rural areas of Dadri (greater Noida) & other areas of Ghaziabad and Noida for past 10 years and has rescued and treated hundred's of animals in this span of time. She has initiated this welfare organization for the betterment of stray animals with the kind support of humans.

Dr. Vijay Pathak


Has being working for the past 30 years tirelessly for the betterment of animals. Owns two hospitals: One in Ghaziabad and another in Noida (24x7 emergency hospital) he is the main strength behind helping hands for animals.

Meena Bansal

Animal Lover

Abide animal lovers since birth have rescued and treated many animals for years, she feeds and take care of a huge number of dogs, birds, monkeys living in her vicinity.

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