When it comes to life, we always choose it first, irrespective of risk, efforts and care and attention. So now it’s been 2 months, and he is living a happy and healthy life. He plays with other dogs, roam everywhere with no hindrance, he eats, run, bark, bite, do everything normally like a normal dog, even with his hind legs. He has made us learn, “zeal to live”. We are blessed to have him in our family

Brownie a.k.a Bruno: Our gangrene survivor

Beautiful, loving and highly docile pup, of hardly 7 months of age. We were shocked to see his suffering. He came to us with both legs broken and was filled with some gas or puss inside and was swelled up to a size of balloon. We rushed with him to the vet immediately and on observation and x-rays it was clear that his both legs were filled with gas. He was suffering with gas gangrene due to non- treatment on time. He must be left unattended on road for more than 10 days after his severe accident. We were left with 2 options. First, to let him go and end his sufferings. Second was to immediately operate his and amputate his both legs, and give him a life with no hind legs. But his operation and post-operative care was not going to be so easy. It had a risk of survival.


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