Traveling with your pet


Train Travel Rules with Your Pet:

• A passenger can take pet dog along with him in AC First Class or First Class only, provided he/she reserves either a two-berth or a four-berth compartment exclusively for his/her use, paying the due charges depending upon the type of train.

• Passengers traveling in other classes are not permitted to carry the dog along with them. But the dog can be booked and carried in the Luggage/Brake Van paying the charges depending upon the type of train. Specially designed Dog Boxes are available in the Brake Van for this purpose.

• Passengers may contact the Parcel Office to book their pet dogs.

• Passengers detected carrying dogs un booked will be charged as per extant rules.

• Dogs when carried in the break-van and/or A.C.C. and first-class passenger compartments will be charged for at Scale ‘L’ (luggage Rates) on the basis of weights indicated below, subject to a minimum charge of Rs.10/- per dog, charges being Prepaid: – When carried in break van (Dog-Box) 30 kg When carried in passengers compartments 60 kg. Click here to see the original receipt which you will receive from luggage counter of railway station

• “Seeing Eye” dog travelling with a blind person in the compartment (First class) will, however, be charged the same tariff as for dogs carried in brake van. The dogs must be provided with Collars and Chains.

• Owners should make their own arrangements for water and food for the dog during the journey. Dogs detected unbooked will be charged at six times the Luggage Scale Rate subject to a minimum of Rs.50/-

• A passenger travelling in First Air condition class or first class may take a dog into the compartment only with the concurrence of fellow passengers on payment of charges vide Clause (1) above. The charges are to be prepaid.

• If fellow passengers subsequently object to the dog remaining in the compartment, it will be removed to the Guard’s van, no refund being given. Dogs detected un booked with the passenger in IA and 1st class compartments will be charged six times the Luggage scale Rate subject to a minimum of Rs.50/-. A lady travelling alone with children under 12 years of age in a first-class compartment may take with her in the compartment one dog on payment of charges at the Dog Box Rates, subject to a minimum of Rs.10/- provided that if another lady enters the compartment, the dog can only be allowed to remain in the compartment with her consent.

• Any dog detected un booked will be charged at double the dog-box rate for the distance up to the point of detection and at the dog-box rate for the distance beyond the total charge being subject to a minimum of Rs.20/- for each dog.

• Dogs are not allowed to be carried in AC Sleeper Coaches, Ac chair car coaches sleeper class and second class coaches.

If a dog is found being carried in contravention of this rule, it will be removed immediately to the brake-van and charges will be levied six times the Luggage Scale Rate subject to a minimum of Rs.50/- * Charge for dog carried in reserved compartments will be levied at the dog-box rate. Any dog / cats detected un booked will be charged six times the Luggage Scale Rate subject to a minimum of Rs.50/- * Large dogs which cannot be carried in the dog-box of a brake van will be carried in a special vehicle at the same rates and conditions as for horses.

Click here to visit official Indian Railway website for rules for carrying carriage.



We understand that your pets are family to you.

Your pet can be transported either as ‘Accompanied (part of checked baggage)’ or ‘Unaccompanied’ (shipped via Cargo).

Pets booked as accompanied baggage or excess baggage

Pets booked as accompanied or checked baggage are transported in the cargo hold of the aircraft in a pet container, provided by the pet owner and approved by the regulatory authorities. To book your pet under this category, please contact any Airways reservations and ticketing office or our call centre on IVR.

Pets booked as unaccompanied baggage (manifested cargo)

In case your pet is travelling ‘Unaccompanied’ you may contact our Cargo office for booking the travel. Both Accompanied and Unaccompanied pets will travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

Common Airlines policy with respect to carriage of animals

• They accept domesticated dogs, cats, birds and rabbits on flights within India (except ATR-operated flights).

• Domesticated dogs and cats only will be accepted on International flights. (Except flights to / from UK).

• Female pets with suckling young and un-weaned puppies / kittens will not be accepted.

• Weaned puppies or kittens under 8 weeks will not be accepted.

• Pregnant animals will not be accepted.

• Book your pet dog or cat at least 24 hours in advance as accompanied baggage for domestic flights and at least 72 hours in advance for international flights.

• Live animals will be carried in the cargo hold only and cannot be carried in the cabin.

• Airlines may accept a maximum of 3 pet containers on B737 aircraft and a maximum of 5 pet containers on A330 / B777 / A320 / A321 / A319 / B787 aircraft, subject to space availability.

• One guest can carry maximum of three pet containers on Domestic flights and two pets containers as accompanied baggage on International flights in the aircraft hold subject to space availability.

• Most of the airlines are not liable in case of injury or death of the animal.

• Dogs and cats must be at least 8 weeks old for travel in India or a minimum of 4 months old for travel on International flights.

• Live animals along with their respective container weighing up to 32 kg, will be accepted as checked-in baggage. If the weight exceeds 32 kg, the same will be accepted for carriage as cargo.


Some countries prohibit import of certain aggressive breeds of dogs, hybrid dogs/cats. These breeds will not be acceptable on few airlines to those countries with particular breed prohibitions.

Service animals accompanying a disabled guest in the passenger cabin do not fall under this category.

Forbidden breeds of pets for carriage

Few Airlines does not accepts the following breed of dogs and cats, including snub nosed, as these animals are susceptible to increased risk of heat stroke (when exposed to stress or temperatures above 21 degrees Celsius), breathing difficulties or increased stress due to travel.

Dog Breeds:

All snub-nosed dog breeds and their cross-breeds, including

• Boxers

• Bulldogs (all varieties)

• Mastiffs (all varieties)

• Spaniels (some varieties)

• Terriers (all varieties)

• Mastiffs (all varieties)

• Akita

• Brussels Griffin (Petit Brabançon)

• Chow Chow

• Dogo Argentino

• Fila Brasileiro & their crosses

• Japanese Chin (Chin, Japanese Spaniel, Japanese Pug)

• Lhasa Apso

• Pekinese

• Pit Bull

• Pugs

• Rottweiler

• Shar Pei

• Shih Tzu

• Tosa

Cat Breeds:

The following cat breeds and their cross-breeds

• Burmese

• Exotic

• Himalayan

• Persian

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