Harmful effects of non vegetarian food to Human Health

Here are some of the facts which shed some light on the harmful effects of being non vegetarian.

Non-vegetarian is not strength giving as is commonly portrayed:

The bulls, horses, buffaloes, rhinos and elephants are vegetarian and very strong, but jackal, leopards and lions are not that strong in spite of eating meat. The lion is always afraid of attacking an elephant hence it attacks from the back. Dr. J.D.Krag, a strong supporter of vegetarian food says that he has found that several vegetarian people are more intelligent, physically strong and good sportsmen when compared to non-vegetarians.

Non-vegetarian is the cause for several diseases:

According to the WHO report non-vegetarian food causes 159 different types of diseases. The most common diseases caused due to it are heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney problem, gall bladder problems, wounds in arteries, eczema, paralysis, tuberculosis, constipation, pains, arthritis, hysteria etc. In comparison to this, the vegetarian food is totally harm less, beneficial and cures diseases.

Non-vegetarian food weakens the bones:

American medical practitioner, Dr. A. Watchman and Dr. D.S.Bernstine have conducted a special study and declared their report. They said that non-vegetarian food weakens the bones gradually and they begin to deteriorate. The vegetarians have strong bones when compared to non-vegetarians. In the non-vegetarians high quantity of alkaline and salts are excreted through urine, which causes deficiency of these salts in the blood. The blood fulfills the deficiency from the bones. The imbalance reduces the resistance power in the human beings.
Wild nature/behavior due to consumption of non-vegetarian food:

A famous scientist of Japan, Professor Venz has reached the conclusion on the basis of several experiments that non-vegetarian food plays a major role in raising the anger, anxiety, restlessness, hastiness, sexual desire and criminal mentality. Therefore it is true that minute substances of food make our mind and the mentality will be pious or passionate depending on the type of food we take.

Non-vegetarian food causes cancer and nervous diseases:

According to Dr. Khar T Loder Braston, non-vegetarian food does not give strength and instead makes us weak. It produces nitrogen, which functions like poison for the nerves.

Dr. Arthur Underwood says that 85 per cent of the throat and intestine problems are due to non-vegetarian food. On the contrary , the vegetarian food contains substances which can prevent cancer.

The author of Diet and Food, Dr. Hugh, has differentiated between various strengthening and anxiety causing food products and said that vegetarian food is strengthening and non-vegetarian food causes anxiety.

Food Shortage for Millions due to consumption of non-vegetarian food:

In the developed countries 6 tons of food is given to the cattle in order to produce one ton of meat. American scientist Borg Storm says that the amount of food given to the animals in order to obtain meat is sufficient to subside the hunger of world’s 50 per cent population. When 8 kg of vegetable protein is fed to the animals they produce one kg of meat protein. In the same way one non-vegetarian calorie can be obtained after burning 7 calories of vegetables. This is sheer wastage of proteins and calories.

Britain’s Bernard Vaidyaril says that it is beyond ethics to feed the animals with more than half the quantity of world’s food grain in order to obtain meat at a time when millions of people are starving. The same food could be given to them to satisfy their hunger. In order to obtain meat sufficient for the survival of ten people, the land that is used for this purpose if used for cultivating peas, barley, millets and other food grains can feed almost 100 people.

Avoiding the consumption of meat can reduce hunger: if the rich western countries stop eating non-vegetarian food then the food problem of the world can be overcome. On one hand the animals are given 40 crore tons of food every year, so that the rich people can eat the meat of these animals and on the other hand due to the deficiency of food grains around 50 crore people from poor countries die due to starvation every year.

Do you know that eggs have little amount of nutritional value? They are totally deficient in carbohydrates. The eggs are full of poisonous and harmful elements. Egg is the cause of several serious diseases; the high cholesterol content increases the risk of heart disease. The Hens eat sputum, phlegm, nose secretions, worms, germs and other such filthy things. The eggs are produced from these things. Do you think with all things Can egg increase the mental and intellectual quality of a person?

The above facts prove that Egg is very low in quality, filthy and the biggest enemy of. We can safely conclude that Eggs have lowest amount of nutritional content.

Eggs contain high amounts of cholesterol, which causes high blood pressure and kidney problems. Frying an egg increases its cholesterol level further. Heart specialist Dr. col. K.L.Chopda and Dr. K.K.Agarwal say that the yoke of egg contains 220 mg cholesterol, which is dangerous for the heart. Nobel prize winner Dr. Brown and Dr.Goldstin have proved that eggs contain high amount of cholesterol and hence increase the risk of heart attack.

DDT poison:

30 per cent of the eggs contain DDT poison. This causes cancer, this was discovered by Lorida, America’s agricultural department.


The egg white contains Evidin, which causes eczema and paralysis.


The eggs contain nitrogen and phosphoric acid, which produces acidic substances in the body, which makes the person diseased.

Infectious bacteria:

The upper layer of the egg contains 15000 micro holes. The infectious bacteria entering the egg through these pores – salmonella, shigola and Staphylococci. These bacteria are responsible for disease of the intestines, due to which thousands of Indians die every year. Several thousands of people in England became the victims of a poisonous epidemic only because of salmonella bacteria.

Egg generates kapha:

According to a German professor Egtur Burg, Egg is responsible for generating 51.83 per cent of phlegm, which imbalances the nutrition in the body and become the abode of disease.

Eggs are not easily digestible:

Bile and pancreatic juices of egg are ineffective on egg white. Therefore 30 to 50 per cent of egg is excreted without being digested. This is the view of Professor Akoda of England.

Decay of food in the stomach:

According to Dr. E.V. Mekkalam the eggs do not contain carbohydrates and the amount of calcium is also very low, hence it decays in the stomach.

Eggs contain very less amount of vitamins: 

Eggs contain very little quantity of iron, magnesium and vitamins. Especially vitamin B complex and vitamin C.
Egg causes diseases in any form:

Professor of microbiology in the university college of medicine, Dr. V.Talwad says that egg causes different types of disease whether eaten raw or in any other form.

Hens have lots of diseases:

The hens are carriers of bacteria and germs responsible for diseases like T.B and infect the persons eating it. (Dr. Robert Grass)
Hens are subjected to torture:

The following methods of tortures are applied on hens in order to get more and faster production of eggs:

– The hens are given injections of special hormones for egg formulation.

– The male chickens are made to sit under the hot Sun and are not allowed to sleep to make them young quickly.

– More hens are fitted in to the farms, where they cannot flap their wings, they bite one another and get injured.

– The hens are forced to sit in the sheds through out the day.

– The wings and beaks are chopped off with the help of hot metallic instruments and machines. This hard truth was mentioned in the world-renowned book, height for a new America, written by John Robins.

– Is it not foolishness to eat eggs containing 13 per cent protein and sacrificing vegetable food items containing 22 to 43-pr cent protein?

– Is it not stupidity to eat eggs, which are responsible for generating serious diseases instead of nutritious and healthy vegetarian food.

– Is it good to eat eggs with 173 calories or vegetarian food containing 327 to 432 calories?

– Are we not encouraging violence and cruelty by eating the poor creatures that are subjected to different kinds of cruelty?

Inspirational factors for quitting eggs:

Eating eggs and meat is against the Vedas:

"ya aamam maamsamadanti paurusheyam ca ye kavih

garbhaan khadanti keshavaastanito nashayaamasi "– Atharva Veda 8.6.23

In other words “I destroy the people who eat meat and eggs.”

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