3000 / month


Kalu, 8 years old, got admitted in our unit last year with a tumor on neck. After the operation, his new problem was discovered, which was related to his salivary gland. He has an opening in his salivary gland through which his salvia gets accumulated below his neck and has to be flushed out in every 15-20 days. And if we will not flush it out, it will keep on accumulating and hanging below his neck and it also creates trouble in his day to day life. It creates discomfort in sitting, walking and eating.
We have consulted 4 different doctors  and each one said that the part is so delicate that it cannot be operated and even if we gets it operated, his complete body might get paralyzed on operation table or he may also succumb to death.
Since he is a very active, friendly, docile dog. He is full of life, energy and enthusiasm. We don’t want to risk his life and have decided to give him a space for life time.
So we are in deep search of his virtual parent who can take care of his medical requirements and food & other stuffs’ expenses.
Help us in helping him to lead a safe life.
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