Let's Work Together

Help us in raising funds to accomplish our mission of animal health and welfare.

Only If We Help

We try to keep the 'Ray' of Hope (of help, love & care) alive in the eyes of these innocent voiceless creations of GOD. We have saved, treated and rehabilitated hundreds of injured animals over the years. It is the initiative to provide help to those who cannot ask for help, themselves.

Treatment Of The Voiceless

Helping Hands For Animals has accepted six new severe animal abuse cases requiring serious surgery and medical attention. The NGO lacks funds and is raising funds for at least three of them and is in great need of help. 

Be Their Guardian

Victims of accident, human hate, wounds etc. have been provided with treatments. But some of them now exhibit permanent deformities due to delay in treatment. They need constant care and love. To support them we want your support.

Help Build a Multispeciality Care Unit

Distemper (CDV) is a virus that affects dogs and other animals and is often fatal and highly contagious. Help us to build city's FIRST Distemper Treatment Facility which will save hundreds of helpless beings.

Get them an Ambulance

Due to lack of transportation facility, we are unable to help the needy animals who can be saved but don't survive. Help us raise funds for an ambulance for a prompt action which would result in us saving them when time demands.

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