Romeo - The Hero

This adorable kid was merely 8 months old when got hit by a ruthless driver. But was fortunate enough that got rescued by an abide animal lover Ms khushboo.


She sent him to a medical care center where his treatment carried out for 5 long months but unfortunately his fate is not good enough to make him stand again on his 4 legs and run like before.


He came to us few months back for the puss formation in the leg due to surgery and rod fitted for months to heal the bone fracture, in previous medical care.

Now when he is fit to send back to his original place, his original place has been changed absurdly for him. At the time of rescue the location was a under construction area from Gurgaon, and now has become a gated society, having a very busy road outside. So we can't leave his on road to die and people are not allowing him to enter in their society, as for them, he doesn't belong to their locality.


Now, we are looking for a virtual parent for him till the time we locate any suitable place for him to be left at under someone's care.

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