The horse named ‘Bucephalus’

This picture went viral a few days ago, but perverted mind around the world had a different thing to say while they shared this picture. What we see in this picture is a beautiful piece of interaction between a young girl and a horse. I don’t know what others have to say, but this picture reminds me of a scene from the movie ‘Alexander the Great.’

In the movie the scene went something like this – a bunch of horsemen were struggling hard to gain control over a horse. Almost the entire kingdom tried their luck, but nobody could tame the horse. Finally a little boy enters the scene, hugs the horse and whispers something into the ears of the horse. Moments later the horse readily gives in and allows the boy to ride on his back. The entire kingdom was taken aback after witnessing the chain of reactions. The little boy was none other than the 13 year old Alexander the Great.

Why nobody in the kingdom could tame the horse? The horse was scared of his own shadow. Alexander soothingly spoke to the horse and turned it towards the sun so that it could no longer see its own shadow. The horse named ‘Bucephalus’ is a fascinating read in many mythical tales.

Perverted minds keep your fingers at bay and do not post comments. For me and many animal lovers across the globe this picture serves a reminder of the beautiful tale of King Alexander and his horse Bucephalus.

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