SOMEONE PLEASE STAND BY KUTTEWALI AUNTY: What you are seeing in this picture must be a common sight - an animal loving lady somewhere in her late 40s or early 50s attend the stray dogs everyday with a bag full of milk, bread, waste chicken legs and most importantly a first aid box. Most of us love to give her a name which we can easily relate to - 'Kuttewali.' It means someone who owns a large number of dogs. This is one of the most commonly used adjectives which get synonymous to the identity of such animal loving Samaritans of India. Such Kuttewalis are not very welcoming for people who oppose dogs or those who feel such Kuttewalis only contribute to the increasing dog menace.

Someday, she is reprimanded for feeding dogs close to the society gate while someday a group of people acquire enough time to come in groups and threaten her of dire consequences. She is alone with nobody to stand by her side. With age she is probably arthritic too. But she never gives up. Someday, she would just take the verbal diarrhoea thrown at her by the people and simply ignore it. On a bad day she would just give it back to the people telling them about the unpractised sections of Animal Protection Act and give an impression that she is not anybody to take any such nonsense.

When little children see an injured dog they inform the Kuttewali aunty and feel good to get somehow involved in saving the life of a dog. Such kids know 'Kuttewali Aunty' is not wrong in her pursuit to help the poor doggies of their area. But strict standing instructions come from the parents who don’t want their kids to get associated to the Kuttewali aunty in any manner. For such civilized parents, "Dogs are just dirty creatures who bite for no reason." This same bunch of kids in their pre-primary school days made little houses for new litter of puppies. They would gather bricks, jute bags, and broken cement sheets to make a shady area for puppies which they call it as 'Kutte ka Ghar.' But somehow opposition comes from family in absolutely no time. The same kids then tend to get disoriented in their life saving pursuit.

The problem lies in the adults - they portray the wrong picture before the kids, just because they hear a bunch of dogs barking in the night, they don't hesitate to make a villain out of Kuttewali aunty. She is not a villain, mind you... She is special and gifted with a heart of gold. For me such Kuttewalis would always hold a special place. It needs a fair amount of spark and spunk to be this special. Opposition and protest from stupid segments of the society would always erupt, but such Kuttewalis in coming days are only going to rise against all odds.

TO ALL ANIMAL HATING CITIZENS: It has been playing on our patience for quite some time. In coming years it really wouldn't matter how strongly the government or law enforcers are going to empower us. We love our colony dogs and shall stand by them for their well being. It's not our fault that just because you don't like animals we shall take your shit. If we decide to give it back, we shall nail you very hard, really very hard.

Written by Abhishek Bhowmick

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